Shop Front Design

A Shop Front Design has the power to boost a business’ presence and attract customers. A shop front can communicate a brand’s identity and values, creating a sense of trust in its customers. The front of a shop is the most visible part of a building and, as such, should be crafted with care to ensure it represents your company in the best way possible.

The colour scheme is a critical aspect of any shop front design. Having a distinctive colour scheme helps to build brand recognition and gives customers a clear idea of what your shop is all about. Think of big companies like Sainsburys, Tesco and Morrison’s – their colours are so distinctive you can recognise them without looking at the name.

Sustainability in Shop Front Design: Eco-Friendly Trends for Retailers

Keep in mind that your entryway should be accessible to people with wheelchairs or buggies. Not only is this important from a business perspective, but it’s also a legal requirement in accordance with The Equality Act and Part M of the Building Regulations.

Incorporating signage is a must for any shop front. Easy-to-read signage attracts attention in the street and makes it easier for passers-by to read your company name, address and phone number. Incorporate a-boards or window displays to display additional information about your shop, like opening hours and social media handles. It’s important to remember that these marketing tools should be used in conjunction with a strong signage scheme to avoid becoming too visually overwhelming for customers.

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