Buying Quality Watch Straps Online

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The team at Veblenist creates some of the best Wristbuddys around. They’ve got a great range of styles for every type of watch, and their leather options are especially well-made and versatile. The Veblenist Ironwood, for example, is a distressed leather strap that would look great on a 1970s Rolex Submariner or modern Tudor Black Bay 54 or 58. They also make some incredibly rugged tool watch straps that could stand up to anything you can throw at them.

Best Websites for Buying Watch Straps

Another strap maker that makes a lot of different types of straps is CNS & Watch Bands. They make both fitted and universal straps, though they primarily focus on the latter. They also have some fun variations on the standard nylon strap (like their seat belt-like cotton-like option) and braided perlon straps. They also offer a few different kinds of fabric, including a nice NATO-style option with a denser weave than the ToxicShiznit and Omega-branded hardware on the extra second keeper (though it costs more than the Omega).

MORA Watch Straps is a relative newcomer to the scene but has quickly established themselves as a name in the NATO-style strap market. They’re self-professed “watch fanatics” and they go to great lengths to get all the little details right on their straps, which can cost a bit more than other NATO-style straps but are well worth the investment. They also have some interesting variations on the NATO-style strap, such as a more casual canvas version that looks a bit like a sailcloth strap and an even more luxurious exotic leather option.