Chimney Repair in Vancouver, BC

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If you live in Vancouver, BC and have a damaged chimney, don’t hesitate to contact a local chimney repair company. These companies can help you get a quote for the job. They are also insured, which means they can take care of the problem.

Should I repair or remove chimney?

Chimneys are important to the overall structure of a home. They conserve energy and add value to a property. It is recommended to perform regular repairs and inspections on your chimney. The right masonry maintenance will keep your chimney healthy and safe for years to come. Link :

When a chimney leaks, it can create serious structural damage to a home. Moreover, it can make it impossible to light a fire in the fireplace. A chimney may require waterproofing services to prevent water damage.

Soot can build up in a chimney over time, and this can interfere with the flow of air through the flue. This can lead to the accumulation of creosote, which can produce toxic fumes.

One of the best ways to protect your home from rain and rodents is to install a chimney cap. The cap is made from cement and is designed to keep debris out of the chimney.

It is important to conduct an annual chimney sweep to ensure that the smoke from your fireplace is cleared of debris. Also, it is important to keep your damper in good working order. Ideally, it should close completely when the fireplace is not being used.