How to Get the Most Out of a CBD Balm

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Whether you’re a beginner cbd balm runner or a full-time gym goer, there’s one thing all athletes can agree on: post-workout sore muscles. Luckily, it’s a feeling you can quickly remedy with some self-care — ice packs, hot pads and foam rollers are all essential tools to keep in your gym bag. But to truly optimize your recovery, consider incorporating CBD into your routine with a cbd balm.

Unlike the oils and extracts found in capsules and edibles, balms provide a more direct delivery of CBD to your skin through an absorbent base. Most of the time, this is a natural wax product (like shea butter or coconut oil), or a blend of nourishing oils like avocado oil, jojoba oil and even grape seed oil. Then, a concentrated CBD extract is added, either in the form of a broad-spectrum formula or isolate.

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A great example of a quality cbd muscle balm is Lazarus Naturals’ offering, which features a mix of menthol and CBD to ease pain and tension in tense muscles. The company also adds aloe vera, tea tree oil and yerba mate extract to soothe and moisturize.

To get the most out of your cbd balm, apply it as soon as you can after a workout. You can also try a pre-workout application to help warm up and prep tight limbs, or a post-workout rubdown for an extra boost of recovery. Remember to stow it in your gym bag or purse, and bring along with you when you travel so you can easily keep up your self-care routine.