Is Pure Organic CBD Better Than Non-Organic?

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pure organic cbd

The last 30 years have seen a widespread shift toward organic products. This is also true in the wellness industry, where more and more people are turning to organic CBD. But what does the term “organic” really mean, and is it actually better than non-organic?

The organic label refers to the way that a product is produced, not just what’s in it. For example, the USDA organic certification requires that a product be grown without synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. The certification also covers how the hemp is processed and what is done with any residues after the extraction process. Read more

This is why organic products are more environmentally friendly than their non-organic counterparts. However, the organic CBD movement is still relatively new and many consumers may not understand exactly what the word “organic” entails when it comes to cannabis.

From Seed to Shelf: Tracing the Journey of Pure Organic CBD

To be considered organic, a CBD product must contain CBD extracted from an organically-grown hemp plant. It must also be manufactured using clean, safe, and natural processes, which means that no chemicals are used to extract the CBD from the hemp. Additionally, the CBD must be tested for contaminants by an ISO 17025-compliant lab.

Organic CBD oil can be found in a variety of products, from capsules and edibles to vape oils and lotions. Some products are formulated with only CBD isolate, while others include the whole spectrum of cannabinoids that make up the hemp plant. It is important to choose a quality CBD product to get the most benefit from it.