Mail Basket – A Beautiful and Functional Way to Organize Your Mail

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mail basket

A beautiful and functional way to organize your mail.

Designed for hanging by the door or window, this Amish handwoven basket is perfect for your front porch and will sort your incoming mail and outgoing bills. The large mail in and out pockets are wide enough for a phone book apiece, and two roomy front compartments provide an excellent place to keep scissors, pencils, pens, notes, labels and more! A leather handle adds a nice finishing touch to this rustic-looking basket.
This basket is made from recycled materials and is handmade in the USA by the Amish. It is finished with a Minwax and mineral oil stain to preserve the rattan. This link

From Chaos to Calm: How a Mail Basket Can Revolutionize Your Home Organization

This basket is available in a variety of color options to coordinate with your decor! The Amish make all of these baskets by hand with care and precision, and they are a great gift idea for anyone. They are also available in a variety of sizes and designs.