Protect Points of Entry With Industrial Sliding Gates

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Perimeter security is a priority for commercial, industrial and, in some cases, residential properties. While a robust perimeter fence is a must, you also need to safeguard points of entry to prevent unauthorized access and ensure that authorized personnel can enter and exit hassle-free. Enter industrial sliding gates, a versatile solution for bolstering perimeter security.

Designed for industrial settings, such as factory and warehouse facilities, these gate systems provide formidable physical barriers, discouraging unauthorized entry while delineating areas of property. Industrial slide gates, often paired with access control systems, can also manage entry and exit for facility personnel.

Enhancing Industrial Security with Sliding Gates: A Comprehensive Overview

In addition to enhancing security, industrial gates are a key component in managing traffic and controlling entry at loading docks. For this reason, they are often employed at these types of sites.

However, if not properly maintained or inspected, these gates may present potential hazards to the safety of those using them. The design and physics of cantilever sliding gates include certain pinch point hazards that may result in serious injury, such as entrapment, if not protected or maintained.

Identifying potential hazards as early as possible will help to ensure that the gate you install is safe for all your employees and visitors. The team at PalmSHIELD can help you to pinpoint risks and recommend the necessary maintenance and inspections for your industrial gate system. Contact our team today to get started.