Sclera Contacts

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Sclera Contacts are a type of specialty contact lens that are designed to address certain visual issues that make it difficult or impossible for patients to wear regular contacts or glasses. They are different than regular contact lenses because they are designed to be larger and they cover more of the eye.

They are fit to your eyes and they rest on the sclera (white of the eye) rather than the cornea itself. The sclera acts as a liquid reservoir that keeps the lens hydrated and it also protects the cornea surface from irritation. This is particularly helpful for people with keratoconus and astigmatism or patients that have undergone laser surgery like LASIK.

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People that get fitted with scleral lenses are often surprised at how comfortable they are. They sit firmly on the eye and are less likely to move around or dislodge, which can be especially important for people that have an active lifestyle. They are also a great option for people that have severe dry eyes and can provide significant relief in most cases, especially when paired with frequent blinking.

Like any other contact lens it is important to follow proper cleaning and care instructions for scleral contacts to ensure they stay safe and healthy. It is generally recommended that scleral lenses are only worn during the day and they should be removed at night as it is not a good idea to sleep with contact lenses in your eyes, even if they are scleral lenses.