Selecting an Open Face Motorcycle Helmet

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open face helmet nz

When it comes to selecting an open face motorcycle helmet, make sure to purchase a New Zealand-made one. While it might be cheaper to buy an off-shore model, you risk purchasing a knockoff and exposing yourself to the risk of scams and fakes. Plus, if you buy an off-shore helmet, you won’t have the protection offered by the Consumer Guarantees Act of New Zealand. Buying a local helmet also saves you the embarrassment of buying a fake and supports your local motorcycle dealers. URl –

Open Face Helmets Are Much Cooler Than Their Full-face Counterparts

While open face helmets are less aerodynamic than full-face helmets, they are more comfortable and allow the rider to smoke, scratch their face, and poke their tongue at other motorists. Plus, they’re generally cooler to wear and don’t block peripheral vision. Lastly, open-face helmets are better suited for riders who wear glasses. If you want to stay cool during hot weather, open-face helmets are ideal for you.

If you’re riding a scooter or a motorcycle, an open-face helmet is a great option. Just be sure to replace it if it gets damaged. A lightweight model is perfect for scooters and commuter motorbikes. A lightweight version is also suitable for riding a scooter or an ATV. In addition to its versatility, open-face helmets are also great for scooters. If you’re unsure, open-face helmets are available in many colors and materials.