Vintage Match Strikes For Sale

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Forgo the fluid-based or electric lighters and keep it classic with a stylish match strike. These holder and striker combos are designed to fit into any aesthetic, from vintage to modern.

A vintage match strikes for sale of match strikes commonly found in French restaurants, this vintage holder has a top cylindrical container to harbor matches, a ribbed surface to ignite them, and a decoratively-crafted exterior to promote the establishment. Display this piece in your kitchen or dining room as a nostalgic nod to history.

Get the look of terrazzo without breaking the bank with this concrete match holder. It’s designed for use with strike anywhere matches and comes with a box of 100 matches to ensure you’ll have enough to last.

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This vintage sterling silver and glass match striker is an exceptional gauge of silver, exceptionally fine in condition with full hallmarks struck to the surface of the mount. The globular body of the striker is embellished with a serrated surface that composes the striking portion, allowing it to function just like a traditional matchstick holder. The piece is lined with solid silver, which continues to the interior of the match receiver, further indicating its exceptional quality and craftsmanship. This item would make an excellent gift or collectible.