What is Faja Myd?

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Faja myd is a brand of post-surgical girdles from Colombia that have become popular around the world for their daily use. They are a compression garment that shapes and molds the body while controlling fluid retention and swelling from bruising. They are also a very important component of healthy recovery after liposuction or a BBL fat transfer to maximize the cosmetic results. All Imagen patients receive two premium fajas complimentary with their procedure to optimize their recovery.

Sculpting Confidence: The Elegance and Support of Fajas MYD

The faja myd is the perfect garment to wear while exercising, shopping and hanging out with friends and family. Just make sure you take it off before you go in the shower, as wearing it while you’re wet can cause dangerously low blood pressure.

Another important thing to remember is that you must always get your faja myd in the right size for you. A faja that is too small can cause many health complications. It can irritate the skin, push your organs up and put pressure on the diaphragm which can lessen lung capacity. If you wear a faja that is too tight, it can lead to corset syndrome which can be extremely dangerous and even life threatening.