What to Do When Your Caliburn Feels or Tastes Burnt

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cali burn

If your uwell caliburn feels or tastes burnt, it is most likely that the coil inside the pod has burned out. In such a case, you will need to replace the entire pod.

The Caliburn is an easy-to-use, portable device that is designed to resemble a traditional cigarette. It is available with either a draw-activated or button-activated mechanism, allowing you to control your vaping experience to best suit your needs.

Unveiling the Uwell Caliburn: A Closer Look at the Iconic Pod Vape

To use the Caliburn G, simply remove the lid from the pod and fill with your preferred e-liquid. Make sure the e-liquid does not touch any of the metal contacts. Then pop the lid back on and wait five minutes for the device to prime. The LED light will flash red to indicate a low battery, blue to indicate medium power and green when fully charged.